Wacky Packages 1991


  1. Keggs Draft Brew
  2. Badzooka Cement Gum by John Pound
  3. Trucker's Strawberry Traffic Jam by John Pound
  4. Stupid Moron 2 by Patrick Pigott
  5. Boozco by Tom Bunk
  6. Snakes by Patrick Pigott
  7. Char Boy by Tom Bunk
  8. Mentals by Patrick Pigott
  9. Vlad by Patrick Pigott
  10. Tragedy Ann by Patrick Pigott
  11. Yuppie Chow
  12. Scrawny by John Pound
  13. Famished Amish Cookies by Patrick Pigott
  14. Popps Magazine by Patrick Pigott
  15. American Distress by Tom Bunk
  16. Original Stench Dressing by Tom Bunk
  17. Squelch's Ape Juice
  18. Prez Broccoli Dispenser by Patrick Pigott
  19. Reekboks by John Pound
  20. Space-Out Time by Patrick Pigott
  21. Bambo by Patrick Pigott
  22. Pego Building Set by Tom Bunk
  23. Zenergizer by Tom Bunk
  24. Barf Wimpson by Tom Bunk
  25. Pigtionary
  26. Tattoo Skins,          Barf's Rot Beer
  27. Hobo Cop
  28. Newpork Pig Cigs by Patrick Pigott
  29. Kitty Zitter by John Pound
  30. Saneball by John Pound
  31. Little Dead Kitten by Tom Bunk
  32. Pit Bull Milk by John Pound
  33. Retch A Sketch by Tom Bunk
  34. Fatman by John Pound
  35. Gross Blisters by John Pound
  36. Oldage Mutant Nasty Turkeys
  37. Nude Kids on the Block by Patrick Pigott
  38. Cup O'Poodles by John Pound
  39. Flea-Wee's Flop-House by John Pound
  40. Duck Bar by John Pound
  41. Wheel of Torture by Tom Bunk
  42. Old El Gaso by Tom Bunk
  43. Scumby by Tom Bunk
  44. Dr. Sushi by John Pound
  45. Mrs. Blubber Worth's by Tom Bunk
  46. The Rat in the Cat by Tom Bunk
  47. Coorpse Light
  48. Sick Tracy by Tom Bunk
  49. Mummorex by Tom Bunk
  50. Drunken' Donuts by John Pound
  51. Snot 'N Blow by Tom Bunk
  52. Barfield by Patrick Pigott
  53. The Baby Splitter's Club by Patrick Pigott
  54. Microbe Machine by Tom Bunk
  55. Donkey Nose Pizza by Tom Bunk


1991 Wacky Packages Published Art (BACKS):

Boris Body Bags by Patrick Pigott
Butter Up by Patrick Pigott
Glaze"O by Patrick Pigott
Woody's Wooden Wood by Patrick Pigott
Tippy Meal by Patrick Pigott



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