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All New Series 2

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The base set has 55 stickers, plus there are 9 Tattoos and 9 Die-Cut Magnets inserted randomly in packs.   Five Bonus Stickers have been found, numbered B3, B4, B5, B6, & B7.  Target and Shopko sell the B3 in it's own Bonus Box.  Wal-Mart and Meijer sell the B4 Box, and the other Bonus Stickers come in specially carded blister packs.

An earlier Test Set of ANS2 was released in March 2005. This set included the 9 Tattoos, but had a 9 Cling set rather than Magnets.  The newer release of Tattoos are much brighter than the Test Set.

Also, the Test Set Stickers set had a high-gloss finish, which seemed to prompt the stickers to adhere to one another when placed in a stack for more than a couple weeks.  The Nationally Released Stickers have a semi-gloss finish and shouldn't have the same problem.  These changes will allow Collectors to tell the Test Stickers from the Regular Set rather easily.

One oddity is that BOTH sets list Clings on the Checklists.  They have not been changed to Magnets for the National Release.


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Special Inserts

10 Temporary Tattoos

9 Clear Clings (Test Release only)

9 DieCut Magnets (National Release only)

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5 Bonus Stickers

wacky packages
B3 Easy Burn Oven

B4 Plop on Pop

B5 Chairman

B6 Done-In Yogurt

B7 Snout Hog Cleaner

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Sticker Album, Ads, and Flyers

B3 Bonus Box

B4 Bonus Box

Blister Packs

ANS1 & ANS2 Production Codes

2005 ANS2
Rough Art
Absurdity,   After Eighty,   ALL-PRO,   Ball Park Cranks,   Barn Chex,   Bilex,   Blake-Os,   CapriScum,   CapriStun,   Careless,   Count Chokeula,   Crust Widestrips,   def-Con,   dOh!,   Dolt Cola,   Fake-Os,   Fe-brie,   Fetchers,   Guillotine,   Hurtsey's,   Kiss of Death,   Krazy Kreme,   Kreepy Kreme,   Lady Weed Stick,   Lawyers Ice Cream,    Maximum,   Mice Krispies Traps,   Mr. Spleen,   Mullet Free,   Napsnore,   Newman's Old,   Noxious,   Polluted Spring,   Pollutin' Spring,   Powder Bar,   Rold Mold,   Secretion,   Slam Fist,   Slugles,   Snotsages,   Swearless,   Tollgate,   UpChucks,   Weak Things,    Whacked Wobbler,   Whack Packages

2005 ANS2
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Creeps,   Hurtsey's,   Little Geezer,   Miracle Warp,   Red Veins,   Slacker Jack,   Twits  

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