Wacky Packages Commercials 

Wacky Packages have hit the air waves at least three times over the years.


The first Wacky commercial from 1986 went something like this:  "All-New Wacky Packages based on the 1970's version!  This is All-New!  Includes Muggies, Beak, Everdeady, Velaphants, and more!  Pick up All-New Wacky Packages today!"  If anyone remembers the '86 commercial, shoot me an e-mail.


Almost two decades later on September 16th 2004, after a 13 year wacky drought (1991-2004), a fifteen-second ad for All New Series 1 (ANS1) began running on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Toon Disney, and Discovery Kids.  The ad ran for 4 weeks and featured an outraged corporate executive in a limousine being interviewed by a news reporter.  The only wacky title shown was Bottled Baby Poop (a Topps product parody), and even the wackys on the wrapper were covered by the executive's thumb.  No doubt in fear of lawsuits from real executives.  But they did show the entire wrapper at the end for a few seconds.  Topps sent out a flyer to card dealers announcing the TV campaign and showing pre-production storyboards of the coming commercial.


The last wacky commercial, advertising All New Series 2 (ANS2), began airing on August 22nd 2005.  This time they ran on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and The WB.  The new ad was a rerun of the previous commercial with two minor changes: Baby Poop was switched with an ANS2 title and an ANS2 pack was shown at the end.

However, they did give us a twist and made four different variations.  In one ANS2 commercial, the businessman holds up a Skunkist sticker and says "Skunkist!?!  That's just gross!".  The other three ANS2 ads are identical, except the man holds up Durasmell, Ghoul Whip, and Pig Newtons.

There was no commercial for ANS3, in part due to complaints from CARU stating that the ad appeared to condone defacing the property of others.  And on November 28th 2005, Topps volunteered to pull the ads.  The pre-release of ANS3 was scheduled for the next week on December 5th.

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