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B4 Bonus Sticker - Plop on Pop

"Plop on Pop", also known as "Dr. Flussh",  has a long history as a Lost Wacky.  It was originally painted in 1991, but the title was dropped before the '91 series hit production.  Possibly due to the fact that there were already a couple Dr. Seuss parodies in the series.

plop on pop

Then in 2004, Plop on Pop saw a brief shimmer of hope.   It was shown in an All New Series 1 flyer, and designated as sticker #46 on the ANS1 preliminary checklist.  But Plop was dropped again, and collectors thought it lost forever.  

Finally, in 2005, Plop was released at Wal-Mart as the B4 Bonus Sticker in All New Series 2.


Final Painting by wacky artist Tom Bunk

Image courtesy of The Topps Vault eBay Auctions


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