Wacky Packages ANS3

Special Edition JAY LYNCH Art Cards

55 Original Hand-Painted Wacky Caricatures

All-New from The Topps Vault: one-of-a-kind 2006 Wacky Packages ANS3 full color art cards.  The legendary Jay Lynch was commissioned by Topps to conjure up a one-of-a-kind Wacky gag for each of the 55 base cards from the 2006 ANS3 Wacky Packages set.

Each parody design appears on the reverse of a corresponding ANS3 sticker.  Under tight security, one set of stickers with nothing printed on the backs was made, and they were pulled from the presses before they were die cut.  So these cards have no die cutting on the sticker side.

Jay Lynch went through the base set of blank-back cards one-by-one and made up the gags about the products and characters, which he drew in India ink and hand-painted with special P. H. Martin transparency dyes (no other paint known to man sticks well to these coated backs without melting the India ink).

Mr. Lynch has signed and numbered (1/1) each of the 55-different art cards, and all fifty-five art cards have been graded "Authentic" by Beckett Grading Services.

 Topps Vault Auctions

Series 3

Jay Lynch ANS3 Art Cards
01 Cocoa Pups Art Card
02 Toady Grahams Art Card
03 Snorox Art Card
04 Spite Art Card
05 Hair Art Card
06 Watchemacrawlit Card
07 Breakbone's Art Card
08 Browny Art Card
09 Lifesavings Art Card
10 Nerd Art Card
11 Gutterball Art Card
12 I Can't Believe
It's Not Better Art Card

13 Deer Parts Art Card
14 Yeti Wip Art Card
15 Turtle Whack Art Card
16 Coldate Art Card
17 Smellmo Art Card
18 Cursed Fright Strips Card
19 Brawl Park Art Card
20 Chara Pet Art Card
21 Darn Art Card
22 Cadbully Art Card
23 Brick Art Card
24 Sunburn Art Card
25 Cap'n Crutch Art Card
26 Doze Art Card
27 Stumble Bee Art Card
28 Secrete Art Card
29 SpitterMan Art Card
30 Liploc Art Card
31 Del Monster Art Card
32 Pine Soil Art Card
33 Rasta Roni Art Card
34 Coca-Cobra Art Card
35 Juicy Snot Drops Card
36 Hopeless Art Card
37 Tantrum Art Card
38 Stench's Art Card
39 Ego Art Card
40 Reekola Art Card
41 Blubberlicious Art Card
42 Yoo Goo Art Card
43 Zilla Wafers Art Card
44 Leggo Art Card
45 Slacker Jack Art Card
46 Ordinary K Art Card
47 Gripe Nuts Art Card
48 Kongsford Art Card
49 Spud Stick Art Card
50 Bald-Aid Art Card
51 Scavenging Bubbles Card
52 Energeyser Art Card
53 Prickles Art Card
54 Jelly-O Art Card
55 Lazy Art Card


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