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#45 Slacker Jack, painted by Tom Bunk

Slacker Jack was first shown in The ANS2 Collectors Album Flyer but was dropped from series 2 before production began.  At the time, Topps had a deal with Cracker Jack to print baseball cards.

But now Slacker Jack will finally become a sticker in ANS3, with only small changes.  The original version (above) showed a toenail in the mix toward the bottom of the bag.  This has been removed as well as a June Bug crawling near the top.


99c Get A Job! / Stay Away / The Official Snack of Hungry Dudes

Slacker Jack / Unpopped Caramel Corn & Whatever

Special Offer! Win a Free Sofa!!


SlackerJack will also be one of the puzzles in ANS3.


Spoof of Cracker Jack

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