Wacky Packages 2006 ANS4

All New Series 4

Bonus Box found with wrong sticker inside


Wacky Packages series 4 is in stores NOW!  First sighted in a hobby shop in Chicago on Aug 22nd, and later that same day in California.  They showed up in NJ, NH, and WI on Aug 23rd.


Quacker State was dropped at the last minute for #15 Da Vinci Cold, so as to take advantage of the movie being released on dvd this fall.  Quacker will appear in later ANS5.

The exclusive Toys-R-Us bonus box for this series has been cancelled.  Toys-R-Us will probably still carry regular packs and the new Wacky Skateboard, but it seems our ANS4 bonus stickers will be knocked down from 7 to only 6.

Comic Con Previews - Dum N' Old,   Frogresso,   Skin Bruiser,   Hoggin' Dogz,   Downer,   Banned,   SnakeWell's

July 26th - ANS4 Excell Sheets at Target say "Available Now", but no wackys have appeared.  Dealers were told August 21st, and people at Topps now say it could be September.

Superham P1 Promo Card given out at the July 2006 San Diego Comic-Con says ANS4 release will be "FALL 2006"

MAD Kids Ad gives a look at a couple new titles, and the latest wrapper changes.

ANS4 Collector Album is shipping September 1st.

The checklist has been switched around again, but we don't have all the numbers yet.  (see old lists

Bonus stickers as of June 13th: Neutrogenie, Pounded Puppies, Sic Pens, Botch Gard, Stella Dork'O (album sticker), St. Hives and Huffies Push-Ups. The others listed are switched to the base set.

June 16th: Rold Cold is changed to a bonus sticker.

More New Titles - Creature Barrel,   Geek Giant,   Mud Root Beer,   Raisin Brain Coupon,   Spaz,   Robotussin

Wacky Packages All New Series 4 is now in production.  The release date changed from July 26th to August 30th.  The final painting was completed on May 16th by Dave Gross, and hopefully everything is off to be printed.  This marked the 100th Wacky Pack painted by Dave, so everyone give him a big hand.

There will not be a test release this time around.  ANS4 will go national as fast as the trucks can deliver them.  Each pack will contain five stickers and a piece of gum.  Also includes inserts: Foil Stickers (1:3 packs) and Magnet cards (1:6 packs).

There may be seven bonus stickers this time.  Originally there were going to be eight bonus stickers, but a few titles were dropped, and others moved around.  Stella Dork'O is currently designated as B1, and as rumor has it, Stella will only be sold with a New Yellow Collector Album.

Two new flyers are out -- 4 Page Flyer  &  Half Page Flyer

Three titles have been dropped so far -- #50 Cream of Meat,  #52 Erbal Essence,  and bonus sticker #B8 Vile.  See checklist changes and the All New Series 4 Lost Wackys

The backsides of the stickers (Wacky Backs) in ANS4 are a mix of websites and coupons that feature stickers from the earlier foils (and others) so you will see them printed normally along with some new art and gags.

Diamond Preview told us that the foils would be "Loony Logos".  These have been dropped in favor of classic sticker titles.

We've seen several new titles so far, including  Cannibal'sGooby Snacks,  JipMallomartiansMrs. Fiends, and Orca Seltzer.  See the full checklist below.  No sign of  Hi-Sea, Picky Stix, or Snore-Caps.  These last three wackys were originally intended for All New Series 3, and appeared on the ANS3 Preliminary Checklist before being dropped from that set.

Will there be any more Wacky Packages TV Commercials?

All New Series 4 Wacky Packages All New Series 4
Promo Card Superham P1 Promo Card
ANS4 Base Set of 55 See the Alphabetical List
1 Creature Barrel Rough Final 29 Robotussin Rough Final
2 Orca Seltzer Rough Final 30 Chicken in a Casket   Final
3 Gooby Snacks Rough Final 31 Jujitsu Bees   Final
4 Spaz   Final 32 Sympathy Rough Final
5 Viper Rub   Final 33 Fantom Rough Final
6 Mountain Duo     34 Fisherman's Phlegm   Final
7 SnakeWell's Rough Final 35 Downer   Final
8 Pupsodent   Final 36 Hex Mix   Final
9 Jip Peanut Shells Rough Final 37 Fancy Feet Rough Final
10 Cannibal's Soup   Final 38 Banned Rough Final
11 Mallomartians Rough Final 39 Plastic Rough Final
12 Skin Bruiser   Final 40 Coal Flakes Rough Final
13 Mrs. Fiends Rough Final 41 Pullin Strings Rough Final
14 Baby Tooth   Final 42 Maze-Ola   Final
15 Da Vinci Cold   Final 43 Sweat Tarts    
16 Cheez Poodles Rough Final44 Witch Bone Rough Final
17 MuttRageous Rough Final 45 Stubble Bubble   Final
18 Twigglers   Final46 BOM   Final
19 Mr. Potato Dead Rough Final 47 Tacky Packages   Final
20 Pay-Doh Rough   48 Superham    Final
21 Frosted Shredded Feet Rough Final 49 Quicker Goatmeal   Final
22 Boreo Rough Final 50 Aridzona   Final
23 Misery Date Rough Final 51 Dum N' Old   Final
24 Hoggin' Dogz   Final 52 After Life Rough Final
25 Mud Root Beer Rough Final 53 Schlepps    Final
26 Frogresso   Final 54 Bug Red   Final
27 Geek Giant Rough Final 55 Philosophical   Final
28 Elder's Glue   Final   Dream Cheese    
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10 Foil Stickers
(Classic Titles)
9 Die Cut Magnets
garbage pail kids
 (Classic Titles)
Wacky Backs

a mix of websites and coupons that feature stickers from Series 3

series 4
Bonus Stickers
wacky packages 2006


wacky packages 2006

ANS4 Lost Wackys / Dropped Titles

Cream of Meat,   Erbal Essence,   Huffies Push-Ups,   Quacker State,   Rold Cold,   Vile
Series 4 Lost Roughs by Dave Gross

Series 4 Lost Roughs by Neil Camera

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