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Nice going, Mom!

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I did something so dumb. But first? A little background…

Does anyone remember Wacky Packages? They were stickers that made fun of everyday products and they were sold like trading cards, along with a stick of gum? I used to LOVE those things. I think I was into them in about the mid-seventies and it was a full-blown fixation. I couldn’t wait for the next time we were within a quarter mile of a 7-11 or Little General so I could beg my mom to stop and let me buy a pack or two. It was just so exciting to rip open the wrapper, which as I recall was kind of a waxy paper, and see what stickers were awaiting me inside.

Click to enlargeMy favorite was Fruit of the Tomb which was a spoof of Fruit of the Loom t-shirts. I don’t know why but I really got a kick out of that one. The funny thing is that as I have been perusing some of the old Wacky Packs collections online, I realize how much of the humor went right over my head. There were some stickers that always made me groan when I got them because they didn’t seem very funny but now that I’m older, I totally appreciate them.

So the other day I went to Target with the kids. TQ wanted something green to wear to school for St. Patrick’s day since they relax the uniform policy that day and considering that she’s even more Irish than I am, I couldn’t refuse her. While we were there, I saw that they had Wacky Packages. I had no idea they were making them again so I picked up a couple packs and just like when I was a kid, I was so excited!

That evening, after dinner, I remembered about the Wacky Packs and brought them to the table, waving them around like a little kid. I opened them up and start perusing my sticker booty and then I realized that these might require a little explaining because my 6 year old daughter might not understand the sort of satirical, and often gross and/or morbid humor of Wacky Packs.

She thought the Kids Cursin’ (Kid Cuisine) was funny even though I had to explain what cursing is (using grown-up words) and she found the Fancy Feet (Fancy Feast) one to be gross but amusing so I thought “Hey! She totally gets it! It’s cool” but when I showed her the Pillsburied Deadsticks (Pillsbury Breadsticks) she studied it for a moment and then tears began to well up in her big hazel eyes.

(click picture to see trauma-inducing detail)

What? What, honey? Why are you crying?

TQ: This makes me saaaaaaad. *tears pouring down face*

Me: Oh, baby it’s just a joke. They’re making fun of advertising and products and stuff. The doughboy and breadsticks aren’t really hurt.

TQ: *sobbing* But I like happy things. This is saaaad… *more sobbing*

Me: *thinking* I am a total idiot. My excitement over these stupid stickers made me completely forget that my daughter has a big, soft, squishy, empathetic heart. I feel awful. *dons parental dunce cap & tries to make teary-eyed daughter forget about traumatizing Deadsticks by giving her the stick of gum*

Nice going, Mom. Way to make your kid cry & scar her for life!


Okay, now humor me for one more minute while I engage in some motherly gushing and bragging…

Here are a couple pictures of my adorable baby girl on Friday wearing her green striped shirt and green pom-pom socks for St. Patrick’s Day (a day early). And check those leprechaun ears!!!

She was student-of-the-month (Woohoo! Yay TQ!) so we had a celebratory lunch with her at school!

(Note to self: Next time skip the lunch and just buy a two chocolate milks like you did back in high school because school lunches? They still suck)


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