Wacky Packages 2007 ANS5

All New Series 5

Number Title Back
1 TUB Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-TR
2 Ant Jemima Blood Stic Coupon
2 Ant Jemima Creature Barrel Coupon
3 CaveManwich Base Set Checklist
3 CaveManwich Jip Coupon
4 Crush Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-BL
5 Weighties Puzzle Piece - Ranters-TM
6 Pricier AridZona Coupon
6 Pricier Insert Checklist
7 Iffy Pop Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-BL
8 Goosey Juice Puzzle Piece - Ranters-BL
9 Scrape Robotussin Coupon
9 Scrape Insert Checklist
10 Mr. Clone Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-BM
11 Sour Puss Puzzle Piece - Ranters-BM
12 Uncle Bone's Orca-Seltzer Coupon
12 Uncle Bone's Frogresso Coupon
13 Canaduh Dry Puzzle Piece - Ranters-TR
14 Mr. Bumble Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-MR
15 Itchum Base Set Checklist
15 Itchum Afterlife Coupon
16 Enlisterine Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-MM
17 DoubleMental Robotussin Coupon
17 DoubleMental Insert Checklist
18 Gerbil Essences Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-TL
19 Air Witch Base Set Checklist
19 Air Witch Full Puzzle - Apple Jerks
20 Selsun Boo Cheez Poodles Coupon
20 Selsun Boo Neutrogenie Coupon
21 A.I. Sauce Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-TR
22 Juicy Fright Geek Giant Coupon
22 Juicy Fright Full Puzzle - Ranters
23 Homey Smacks Puzzle Piece - Ranters-TL
24 Covered Girl Vex's ViperRub Coupon
24 Covered Girl Full Puzzle - Homey Smacks
25 Prestomb Downer Coupon
25 Prestomb Full Puzzle - Homey Smacks
26 Rex Lax Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-BR
27 Jerk in the Box Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-MR
28 Garbage Pail Geezers Jujitsubees Coupon
28 Garbage Pail Geezers Chicken In A Casket Coupon
29 Kodiak Puzzle Piece - Ranters-MR
30 Closed Up Base Set Checklist
30 Closed Up Cannibal's Coupon
31 Tung Geek Giant Coupon
31 Tung Full Puzzle - Ranters
32 Chimpeata Chicken In A Casket Coupon
32 Chimpeata Vex's ViperRub Coupon
33 Common Cheez Poodles Coupon
33 Common Full Puzzle - Apple Jerks
34 Ranters Puzzle Piece - Ranters-ML
35 Mrs. Goodbar Blood Stic Coupon
35 Mrs. Goodbar Creature Barrel Coupon
36 Popsi Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-MM
37 Sharkie Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-ML
38 Chef Boarardee Mrs. Fiends Coupon
38 Chef Boarardee Orca-Seltzer Coupon
39 Dead Sticks Jip Coupon
39 Dead Sticks Fancy Feet Coupon
40 Murky Oily Soap Fancy Feet Coupon
40 Murky Oily Soap Frogresso Coupon
41 Polly Pick Pocket AridZona Coupon
41 Polly Pick Pocket Mrs. Fiends Coupon
42 Nice N' Greasy Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-TL
43 Apple Jerks Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-BR
44 Snake 5 Base Set Checklist
44 Snake 5 Insert Checklist
45 Littlest Sweat Shop Downer Coupon
45 Littlest Sweat Shop Jujitsubees Coupon
46 Mice Krispies Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-ML
47 Hivory Mallomartians Coupon
47 Hivory Mr. Potato Dead Coupon
48 80 Cups O'Coffee Afterlife Coupon
48 80 Cups O'Coffee Mallomartians Coupon
49 Sahara Lee Puzzle Piece - Apple Jerks-TM
50 Quacker State Puzzle Piece - Ranters-BR
51 Haunts Mr. Potato Dead Coupon
51 Haunts Cannibal's Coupon
52 Kid Cursin Puzzle Piece - Ranters-MM
53 Frighty Dog Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-BM
54 Ultra Bite Puzzle Piece - Homey Smacks-TM
55 Q-Twits Base Set Checklist
55 Q-Twits Neutrogenie Coupon





















New 5th Series

Wacky Packages All New Series 5

Regular ANS5 Titles 

ANS5 Base Set of 55 See the Alphabetical List
1 TUB Proof   Final 29 Kodiak Proof Rough Final
2 Ant Jemima


Rough Final30 Closed Up Proof Rough Final
3 CaveManwich Proof Rough Final 31 Tung Proof Rough Final
4 Crush Proof Rough Final 32 Chimpeata Proof Rough Final
5 Weighties Proof Rough Final 33 Common Proof   Final
6 Pricier Proof   Final 34 Ranters Proof Rough Final
7 Iffy Pop Proof Rough Final 35 Mrs. Goodbar Proof Rough Final
8 Goosey Juice


Rough Final 36 Popsi Proof Rough Final
9 Scrape Proof   Final 37 Sharkie Proof Rough Final
10 Mr. Clone Proof     38 Chef Boarardee Proof Rough Final
11 Sour Puss Proof Rough Final 39 Dead Sticks Proof Rough Final
12 Uncle Bone's Proof Rough Final 40 Murky Oily Soap Proof Rough Final
13 Canaduh Dry


Rough Final 41 Polly Pick Pocket Proof Rough Final
14 Mr. Bumble Proof Rough Final 42 Nice N' Greasy Proof Rough Final
15 Itchum Proof   Final 43 Apple Jerks Proof Rough Final
16 Enlisterine Proof Rough Final44 Snake 5 Proof Rough Final
17 DoubleMental Proof Rough Final 45 Littlest Sweat Shop Proof Rough Final
18 Gerbil Essences


  Final 46 Mice Krispies Proof   Final
19 Air Witch Proof Rough Final 47 Hivory Proof Rough Final
20 Selsun Boo Proof Rough Final 48 80 Cups O'Coffee Proof   Final
21 A.I. Sauce


Rough Final 49 Sahara Lee Proof Rough Final
22 Juicy Fright Proof Rough Final 50 Quacker State Proof Rough Final
23 Homey Smacks


Rough Final 51 Haunts Proof   Final
24 Covered Girl Proof Rough Final52 Kid Cursin Proof Rough Final
25 Prestomb


Rough Final 53 Frighty Dog Proof   Final
26 Rex Lax Proof Rough Final 54 Ultra Bite Proof Rough Final
27 Jerk in the Box Proof Rough Final 55 Q-Twits Proof Rough Final
28 Garbage Pail Geezers


Rough Final   wacky packages      
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10 FoilSStickers
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9 Die Cut Magnets
garbage pail kids
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