Wacky Packages 2007 ANS6

All New Series 6

See What's in the Box

1 Koduck Film 6 Footsie Roll
2 Head & Boulders 7 Monotony
3 Wormy Packages 8 Chock Full O' Bolts
4 Cram 9 Hostile Thinkies
5 Weakies 10 Jerkyfruits

Sept 20th - Minnesota Targets have Bonus Boxes!

Sept 18th - ANS6 Gravity Feeds arriving at Target Stores

Sept 17th - ANS6 spreads to Arizona, Bonus Boxes hit Ebay

Sept 15th - Wackys wowed Wisconsin and Walla Walla, Washington

Sept 14th - The new series creeps into Ohio, Missouri, and Michigan.

Sept 13th - Series 6 appears in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania!

Sept 12th - ANS6 IN OUT! Appearing in card shops in Chicago!

See the Final Checklist

Sept 1st - ANS6 moved back to Sept 13th, ugh!

Aug 22nd - ANS6 Delivery Trucks are supposed to start rolling on September 4th

Topps announces the wacky Mega Packs

July 26th - Topps hands out the new P1 Promo at the San Diego Comic-Con

July 16th - ANS6 Preliminary Checklist

The Wacky Packages ANS6 July 31st release date has been pushed back to August 27th, and is expected in stores by September 7th, 2007

June 26th - ANS6 Dealer Flyer shows several new titles

The June ANS6 Dealer Flyer also says we will be seeing Foils, but no Magnets.

The May Previews Ad told us the opposite.

Series 6 is currently scheduled for a July/August September 2007 release.

GoDivas, Lorna Doom and Witches have been dropped from ANS5 and designated for Series 6.

Topps was reviewing roughs in March, and all 80 titles were selected by May 1st.  Now the artists are busy painting.

There are no more foil stickers magnets, but now you can create your own wacky packages.

From Previews May 2007 catalog:

ANS6 - Wacky Packages are back in this all-new jumbo series of 80 new stickers spoofing popular products such as "Restled Wrap", "Pizza Hat", "
Braino" and "Shake & Break".

10 stickers per pack.

Plus each box is bursting with fun, interactive inserts:

 Make Your Own Wacky Pack
(mix & match pieces for your very own creation 1:3 packs)

What's In the Box?
(peel off the front to reveal what lurks inside 1:4 packs)

Die-Cut Magnets featuring Vintage Wackys (1:8 packs)

POP poster in every display box.  24 packs per box. 

Suggested price: $2.00 per pack.

New 6th Series

Wacky Packages Series 6

Regular ANS6 Titles 

ANS6 Base Set of 80 ANS6 Alphabetical List
1 Ajinx rough final 41 Plague          final
2 Ronzombie rough final 42 Pizza Hat   final
3 Oscar Mauler rough final 43 Dented   final
4 Bird Eyes   final 44 Miniature Maid   final
5 Drool-Aid rough final 45 Godivas   final
6 Good & Pricey   final 46 Purelf   final
7 Irish Bling     47 Thing Pop    
8 Hawaiian Lunch   final 48 Porkay    
9 Fruity Peppers rough final 49 Wonduh Bread   final
10 Roid   final 50 Cryola Markers   final
11 Miracle Weep   final 51 Witch's    
12 Yo Playa     52 Jelly Bully    
13 Kreepy     53 Quiet Pupsi    
14 Windy's rough   54 Froot Oops    
15 Alpoor     55 Y'All    
16 Triscult    56 Dissed Miss    
17 Dummy D   final 57 Muck and Yuk    
18 Perdude Chicken   final 58 Chuck'ems    
19 Anvil Soft     59 Braino   final
20 Skip It     60 Tuffs   final
21 Russell Starver rough   61 Crickets   final
22 Scribble     62 Lubridirt    
23 SIP Oil     63 Panting   final
24 Smashies   final64 Hollywood Nobodies    
25 Trashformers    65 Goober    
26 Lame-O-Lakes     66 Grain    
27 Dazany   final 67 Goreton's    
28 Burn'ems Animals     68 Duraflume   final
29 Dukin' Donuts     69 Full Monte rough  
30 Bisquake     70 SOX   final
31 Dorka the Executioner   final 71 Gasoline   final
32 Pest Dispenser   final 72 Sloth Scrub   final
33 Power Bark   final 73 Restled Wrap    
34 Lapton     74 Scorch Tape    
35 Grad   final 75 Metalmucil    
36 Lorna Doom     76 Disco    
37 Slum Chips     77 Fantastink    
38 Meanie Wheats     78 Coffin Cakes rough  
39 Shake 'N Break   final 79 Arm & Hammerhead rough final
40 WMD-40 rough final 80 Fiasco    
F1 Campy Spider Soup F6 Nutlee's Quit
F2 Cracked Jerk F7 Comit Cleanser
F3 Smoocher's F8 Jolly Mean Giant
F4 Armor Hot Dogs F9 Dirtycell Battery
F5 8-Lives Cat Food F10 Hurtz Baked Bears
Make Your Own Wacky Packages
Ajerx Can Hawaiian Punks Can
Brittle Box Hot Wheels Box
Cheepios Cereal Box Quacker Oats Can
Chef Girl-Ar-Dee Can Ratz Crackers Box
Demented Tomatoes Can Triks Cereal Box
What's In The Box?
1 Koduck Film   6 Footsie Roll rough
2 Head & Boulders rough 7 Monotony rough
3 Wormy Packages rough 8 Chock Full O' Bolts  
4 Cram rough 9 Hostile Thinkies rough
5 Weakies rough 10 Jerkyfruits rough

Bonus Stickers

B1 Dumbstick   final B4 Axed Deodorant   final
B2 Splithearts     B5 South Beached Whale Diet   final
B3 Pass          
Wacky Coupon Roughs by
Neil Camera
Air Witch
Ant Jemima
Canaduh Dry
Closed Up
Garbage Pail Geezers
Homey Smacks
Jerk in the Box
Mr. Clone
Rex Lax
Sahara Lee

Other Items


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Wrapper,   Poster,   Gravity Feed Box,   Bonus Boxes

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ANS6 Lost Roughs by Neil Camera

ANS6 Lost Roughs by Dave Gross

ANS6 Lost Roughs by Joe McWilliams

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