Wacky Packages

2006 Wacky Pack Clothing

Kohl's Store Wacky Flip-Flop Display


New Clothing 2006 Wacky Packages Merchandise
Wacky Packages Adult T-Shirts Ajerx,   Bar-kist,   Cram,   Creep,   Dead Bull,   Dr. Pooper,   Hawaiian Punks,   KookAid,   Mr. Stubble,   Plastered,   Slam Jim,   Tied,   Weakies
Child Size
Bling Dings,   Burger Thing,   BustedFinger,   Chimps Ahoy,   Choperation,   Coldfish,   Dork,   Frosted Snakes,   Gutterade,   Lameboy,   Macaroni for Geese,   Scrapple,  Slop Tarts,   Sneez-It,   Unlucky Charms
Adult & Child Distressed
Chimps Ahoy,   Choperation,   Gargle,   Grand Theft Audio,   Gutterade,   Hawaiian Punks,   KookAid,   LifeServers,   Neveready,   Old Spit,   Plastered,   Reaganettes,   Scrapple,    Sneakers,   Weakies
Child Size
Long-Sleeve T's
Chimps Ahoy,   Dr. Pooper,    Frosted Snakes,   Gargle,   Grand Theft Audio,   Gutterade,   Hawaiian Punks,    Scrapple,   Weakies
New Ringer
New Ringer T-Shirts by "Brand Spankin' Old"
 Girl's Pajamas
Bling Pup Pajamas,   Gadzooka Pajamas
Wacky Packages Lounge Pants
Ajerx,   Bloodweiser,   Burger Thing,   Cram,   DeadBull,   Dr. Pooper,   FedUp,   Kook-Aid,   Slacker Jack,   Soggy Bottom (green),   Soggy Bottom (yellow),   Unlucky Charms,   Weakies
Wacky Packages Boxer Shorts
Ajerx,   Bling Pup,   Bloodweiser,   Cursed Frightstrips,   Dead Bull,   Dr. Pooper,   ESBN,   FedUp,   Gargle,   Gutterade,   Hawaiian Punks,   Lifeservers,  KookAid (purple w/o logo),   KookAid (purple with logo),   KookAid (red),  Plastered,   Ratz,   Slackerjack,   Soggy Bottom (green),   Soggy Bottom (yellow),   Weakies
Wacky Boxers with Brand-Name Waistbands Bloodweiser (Joe Boxer),   Bloodweiser (You Animal),   Dr. Pooper (You Animal),   Hawaiian Punks (Polo Ralph Lauren),   Soggy Bottom (Jellybean),   Soggy Bottom (SpongeBob)
Child Size
Knit Boxers
Big Muc,   Dr. Pooper,   Gutterade,   Sneez-it,   Soggy Bottoms,   Weakies
Wacky Jams
Bloodweiser,   Dead Bull,   FedUp,   SoggyBottom (yellow)
Wacky Packages Flip-Flops
Dr. Pooper,   Hawaiian Punks
2008 Wacky Packages T-Shirts

2006 Wacky Packages School Supplies


Vintage 1970's Wacky Packages Merchandise


Beach Towels,   Vintage T-Shirts,   Wacky Pillows,   Iron-Ons,   Drinking Glasses,   Inflatables,    Jewelry,    Patches,   Keychains,    Wacky Placks,   Stationery Sets

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