2006 Wacky Packages Merchandise

Wacky Packages 3D Toys


These soft 6-sided vinyl wackys were available on eBay and at ToyWiz.

School Supplies 2006 Wacky Packages Merchandise
Wacky Packages Notebooks

Collage Notebook,    Composition Notebook,    Locker Notebook,    Starburst Notebook,    Display Box 1,   Display Box 2,   Display Box 3,   Walgreens Ad

Mini Notebooks
Personal Half-Size Notebooks
Wacky Packages Portfolio Folders

Collage Folder,   Composition Folder.   Locker Folder,   Starburst FolderDisplay Box 1Display Box 2Display Box 3 Kmart Ad


Wacky Packages Backpacks


Wacky Packages BackPacks

Walgreens July Ad,   Walgreens August Ad

More Cool Wacky Stuff Wacky Pens,   Wacky Pencils,   Lunch Box,   Value Pack,   Hardbound Notebooks,   3-Ring Binders,   Wacky Skateboards,   Wacky Vinyl Toys,   Prototype Pins
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Other Recent Merchandise 1999 Wacky Binders

ANS1 Press Folder

ANS2 Collector Album

ANS4 Collector Album

2008 Wacky Packages T-Shirts

2006 Wacky Packages T-Shirts


Vintage 1970's Wacky Packages Merchandise


Vintage T-Shirts,   Wacky Fabric,   Wacky Pillows,   Iron-Ons,   Drinking Glasses,   Inflatables,    Jewelry,    Patches,   Keychains,    Wacky Placks,   Stationery Sets


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